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Sunday October 13th - Sacramento, CA [Aftershock Festival]
Tuesday October 15th - Denver, CO Pepsi Center
Friday October 18th - Salt Lake City, UT Vivint Smart Home Arena
Sunday October 20th - Los Angeles, CA Staples Centre
Monday October 21st - Los Angeles, CA Staples Centre
Wednesday October 23rd - Glendale (Phoenix), AZ Gila River Arena
Friday October 25th - San Antonio, TX AT&T Center
Sunday October 27th - Houston, TX Toyota Center
Tuesday October 29th - Tulsa, OK Bok Center
Thursday October 31st - Milwaukee, WI Fiserv Forum
Saturday November 2nd - Indianapolis, IN Banker's Life Fieldhouse
Sunday November 3rd - Chicago, IL United Center
Tuesday November 5th - Cincinnati, OH US Bank Arena
Wednesday November 6th - Cleveland, OH Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse
Friday November 8th - Pittsburgh, PA PPG Paints Arena
Saturday November 9th - Detroit, MI Little Ceasar Arena
Monday November 11th - Toronto, Canada Scotiabank Arena
Tuesday November 12th - Toronto, Canada Scotiabank Arena
Thursday November 14th - Boston, MA TD Garden
Saturday November 16th - Newark, NJ Prudential Center
Monday November 18th - Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
Tuesday November 19th - Brooklyn, NY Barclay's Center
Thursday November 21st - Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Casino Arena
Friday November 22nd - Atlantic City, NJ Boardwalk Hall
Sunday November 24th - Raleigh, NC PNC Arena
Monday November 25th - Washington, DC Capitol One Arena

Is there an opening band?

Yes. Tool has announced "Killing Joke" as the opening band for all arena shows on the upcoming tour.

What time do the shows start?

Venue doors at 7:00 PM

Opening band at 8:00 PM

Tool at 9:00 PM

What are VIP Tickets?

In previous tours VIP tickets included early entrance to the venue, VIP merchendise (poster and shirt), early access to the public merch booth, tour of "tool museum" with art, sculptures and props from music videos, random old school tool items, etc. VIP also includes a 90 minute "Q&A" session with a band member (usually Adam) where he answers questions and talks with fans in an intimate session. A concert pit ticket with a seat in the first few rows is also included.

How much are VIP Tickets?

Based on previous tours, VIP tickets are $500 and include the VIP pre-show experience, in addition to a premium seat for the show.

Will Tool announce any more shows?

Not for 2019. The announced dates are certainly it for the rest of this year. We should expect more tours in 2020, including a return to Europe and possibly more USA/Canada dates.

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices vary from show to show, but on average they range from $70 for upper bowl seats to $150 for premium seating.

Will there be a presale?

Yes. Toolarmy members will have a one time limited presale on SEPT 4th at 10:00 AM

What is Toolarmy?

The official fanclub membership program run by the band. It provices you with merch, but the pre sale opportuntiy is a huge perk for those planning on going to shows. Tickets will sell out fast! Toolarmy is $49.99 for a one year membership.

Is there general admission pits?

Tool typically does not allow general admission (pits) for North American shows. Even for larger venues that typically have a "GA floor" you should expect physical seating with assigned rows for all of the concerts.

Will there be reddit meetups?

Yes! We will coordinate reddit pre-show meetups for drinks or hanging out before all shows on this tour. We will post updates about that later.

Am I allowed to film Tool shows?
Yes. Maynard has been very vocal about encouraging fans to film him during live shows for all of his bands. The bigger the camera, the brighter the flash, the more annoying to fellow concert goers the better. For maximum effect, make sure you point the camera at Maynard specifically. But not during Culling Voices... don't you dare point that at him.

If I missed anything you feel should be added please PM me!
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Fallout: Great Lanta; My Idea For A Fallout Game

Fallout: Great Lanta is an idea for a Fallout game (or maybe even a mod) that popped up in my head after I discovered that my hometown had it's own location in the Fallout universe. The reason for me doing this is because of u/_TheRealScythe_'s posts and fanmade Fallout: The Isles lore that I saw and thought was pretty interesting and kind of inspired me to share this with y'all. And because I had pretty much made up all of this Great Lanta stuff up before so I figured I could post it here and see what your opinions and insights are on the whole thing.
I know some people say that Great Lanta is likely referring to Atlanta, Georgia, but since Great Lanta was described as being on the shores of the ocean I'm going to say that it's Atlantic City mostly because Atlanta is over a hundred miles from a shore and like 600 miles away from Washington, DC so how could they even get such a story across the vast wasteland given the insane creatures and raiders that may litter the way?
Since I am no way a writer some of this stuff may sound stupid, all over the place, or not as descriptive as I want it to be, and the lore won't be as extensive as I want it to, but here we go.
The game is set in and around post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic New Jersey in a region called Great Lanta which sort of encompasses South Jersey. The part of Great Lanta in which the game is set in will pretty much be the entirety of Atlantic County based on this Google Maps snapshot I took. The year will be 2291, 4 years after the events of Fallout 4, but I'm not really set on that time. The reason why is because if the entire Fallout universe is continuing to move forward then I think there will be less chaos in the wasteland and more order which I don't think is a bad thing but it makes it harder for any sort of conflict to realistically occur if humanity does get it together 200 years after the apocalypse instead of just 100 and something.
The story is quite similar to that of New Vegas' actually. The reason why is because in the description of Great Lanta, slavers were described to have invaded the region. In here I want to keep the slavers because it can already set them up as faction. In the in-game lore surrounding them it will say that they have invaded Great Lanta multiple times only to be pushed back by some of the strongest factions in the region, only to appear years later stronger than ever and ready to decimate the people who drove them away. In the story that I have come up with this sudden power is explained to be the Slavers (who I couldn't really come up with a legitimate name for yet) being exposed to a new strain of the FEV that doesn't turn them into supermutants instead they are pretty much superpowered with enhanced strength, accuracy, speed etc., making them really dangerous and extremely hard for the factions to beat. This also poses a good question of where the hell did these slavers (or just the select ones) get this strain from? This is my only idea of how they can still pose a threat after so many years and I guess it will be really cool if the FEV is explored again in a future Fallout game. I guess this is the only difference they have against Ceasar's Legion, but it still doesn't change the fact that a powerful slaver group exists and is actively trying to take over.
Now the whole casino thing is similar too but in the lore of Resort City (the name that the Atlantic City casino owners decided on after coming together as a settlement) the reason why the casino's survived the bombs were because the people who made the casino's decided to band together and had hired some former bootleggers to steal a prototype Nike missile launcher (aka something that could have been used in Fallout 4 because research yielded one was in the Boston area in real life and could have been something interesting to add to that bland story) which will be erected on one of the casinos and shoot down the nuke that will be heading for Atlantic City and the casinos that they spent their lives raising from the ground up. This had pretty much made them the "saviors" of Atlantic City but with the fallout coming from Ocean City, Philadelphia, etc. really irradiating the whole place, the casinos opened their doors to bring in the survivors outside, only for things to go wrong even more after some of those guys started turning into ghouls. This had caused major conflict with the ghoul population (even the non-feral ones) and the casinos for a long time didn't trust anyone who didn't look entirely human. They eventually had set to eliminate the ferals surrounding the casinos eventually coming up with the earliest settlement and them getting on rebuilding. Luckily the casinos stayed intact, except for one or two, because of the reinforcements made on them due to the paranoia of the casino owners during the rising tension and fear of nuclear armageddon. As time went on Resort City's leaders decided to piece Atlantic City back together and it worked for quite some time until the Slavers had shown up and ruined everything. This had caused Resort City to close down its walls not letting anyone in and pretty much shooting anyone that neared their settlement. Eventually they warred it out with the Slavers and decided to band with other settlements throughout the region to run them away to wherever they came from (a place that will be visited to later toward the end of the game where an awesome battle will occur). This temporarily worked until the Slavers attempted time and time again to invade only to win when they came back stronger than ever like I mentioned above. Despite all of those problems Resort City still manages to maintain its infrastructure, economy (people even have to pay rent and work), their almost uncorrupt police force, and their small military till today. They also reopened the actual casinos which I guess could be the way they earn the name Resort City instead of them deciding upon it. Even though there are these major differences I still believe it is too much like New Vegas where it also includes a casino themed powerhouse.
So I don't really an actual story story, but saying that it is fairly similar to New Vegas' is enough. But the even sadder part is that I have no idea who or what our protagonist is.
In fact it feels like everything is taken in terms of a cool Fallout protagonist. "The Sole Survivor", "The Lone Wanderer", "The Courier", "The Chosen One", "The Prisoner" (from the canceled Van Buren project), "The Warrior", and "The Initiate". I could go for something different, like one of the first ideas I had was a ranger-type but then I found out that in the ongoing Fallout Cascadia project they might be doing something similar (well maybe an NCR ranger) so I scrapped it. Of course I had an idea in which we play as a vault dweller but I just didn't like the sound of that because it feels like to easy a story. You leave, discover the world for the first time, etc this, etc that, overused story. The one protagonist story that I have for this is this though: Slavers blew open the vault door, raided the place, killed some dwellers, took the last few dwellers as slaves, of course, and you are one of the last survivors. Maybe we can be "The Last Survivor" or maybe just "The Survivor" or if we were too capture by the Slavers, "The Slave", or if we escape, "The Escapee", but if so that will be the first ever time a protagonist will have the word "pee" in their name. So I don't know. Maybe I'm going to much in the name. You can come up with something if you want. I also had another version in which as well as stealing your family to be slaves the Slavers also took your vaults GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) because your vault were among the few to repopulate the world after the bombs fell but because of plain paranoia Overseer after Overseer expressed and to an extent vault residents they chose that we stay closed. So a new mystery also shows up here, in which we ask ourselves "How the hell they knew we had one in the first place?" and "What they hell are they gonna use it for?"
Well that is all I have for now. It isn't really much and there were two other factions that I have which include some sort of Institute-like "Mega Vault" and a settlement of Chinese ghouls called the Yangzte that washed ashore in their submarine only to become a full fledge settlement in the current year (I guess I'll make that timeline at some point) and grudgingly trading with the people who they still view as enemies.
So that's all for now. Tell me what you think. I might be adding more here and there in the future as well as lore and other major locations in the world, like my favorite HamTown, post-war Hammonton (top right of that map), which is a friendly although silly supermutant settlement and Bader City, the stadium in Atlantic City, which will be a Diamond City, Megaton, and Nellis Air Force Base mix.
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going to Atlantic City, need some tips

Hey guys, i'm heading off to Atlantic city for the 10-12th of August, and i was wondering your recommendations on casinos to play in. i've been looking and it seems like Ceasars and the Tropicana have daily tournaments, and probably some others. i would rather like to play tournaments, but i would also know how the cash games are at different places too. where have you guys played, and how good/bad were your experiences there? thanks guys.
should add couple things to make it easier for anyone else checking this post out:
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Atlantic City video tour Caesar's - YouTube Caesars Atlantic City Walkthrough - YouTube Caesar's Atlantic City Resort TOUR! - YouTube Caesars Casino in Atlantic City - YouTube Caesars Casino Atlantic City  Centurion Tower Luxury Room ... Ceasar Hotel Atlantic City Casino View Caesars Atlantic City - YouTube

Bally's Atlantic City Hotel and Casino puts you right at the center of the action at the heart of Atlantic City, NJ. Book your stay at Bally's today. Caesars Atlantic City Casino: ceasar' casino - See 2,411 traveler reviews, 380 candid photos, and great deals for Atlantic City, NJ, at Tripadvisor. Caesars Atlantic City: Ceasar Casino trip - See 18,378 traveller reviews, 1,759 candid photos, and great deals for Caesars Atlantic City at Tripadvisor. CAESARS ATLANTIC CITY. Boardwalk Saloon . To Go Service: Daily 10 AM - 10 PM; William Hill Sportsbook at Wild Wild West Bar. Friday & Saturday 12 PM - 9:30 PM HARRAH'S RESORT ATLANTIC CITY. #barwithnoname. TO GO SERVICE ONLY: Sunday - Thursday 3 PM - 11 PM; Friday & Saturday 2 PM - 2 AM; Eden Lounge . 12/31: 5 PM - 10 PM; Tropicana Atlantic ... Caesars Casino & Sports is your own personal Las Vegas and Atlantic City rolled into one, wherever and whenever you want in New Jersey. It’s an online casino & sports gaming experience from the iconic casino you know and trust, played how you like, on your terms. Be the next big thing in gaming and sign up today at Caesars Casino & Sports. Caesars Atlantic City Casino: no smoking! - See 2,410 traveler reviews, 380 candid photos, and great deals for Atlantic City, NJ, at Tripadvisor. With Caesars Casino Spa Atlantic City so many amazing online slot machines to choose from at 888casino, there is literally a game for every taste Caesars Casino Spa Atlantic City and fancy. 88probet slot machines come with a wide variety of features. Choose your favorite slot games based on several pay lines, minimum and maximum bet, and extra features. 88probet’s enormous variety of Caesars ... Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino features more than 2,000 slot machines, table games, video poker and more. Try your luck at our Atlantic City casino! Caesars Atlantic City Hotel and Casino is the routinely spectacular spot on the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk. Caesars Atlantic City: Ceasar Casino trip - See 18,374 traveler reviews, 1,758 candid photos, and great deals for Caesars Atlantic City at Tripadvisor.

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Atlantic City video tour Caesar's - YouTube

Hey everyone! Today we are back on the boardwalk in Atlantic City and we are going to take a tour of Caesars Hotel and Casino! The operation opened in 1979 a... Lobby to Centurion Tower. Gambling, casino, Atlantic city, slot machines, games... Welcome to Ultimate Travel Adventures, ALL travel, ALL the time! Click the bell and subscribe, and be notified about the next adventure! Caesar's is my favor... Caesars Atlantic City & Casino, this was taken in may 2018 while staying at the Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino along the boardwalk. Love travel videos?... NOTE: This room tour video was not sponsored by the casino or its partners/affiliates. This is a personal hotel room tour from Caesars Casino and Hotel Atlan... Ceasar Hotel Atlantic City First Floor Casino View.